Childless problem

Childless problem

childless problem

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Astrological Reasons & Remedies For Couples Without Children If the lady is not pregnant, astrological remedies can help her get pregnant. Lack of energy from Jupiter and Venus is one reason for not getting pregnant. The reasons for rejecting offspring are as follows: - The 5th lord Mars is placed under the Rahu Ketu axis in the 6th house. It meets Rahu within 4 degrees. Saturn also checks the 5th lord. There is a 5th Ketu from the Moon. The 5th lord accompanied Saturn to the 12th house.

Pandit ji will restore your favorable positions by making your various planets and zodiacs perform various effective poojas and practices. Due to some planetary positions, the absence of children may be temporary. Pandit Ji, the best astrologer in USA & Canada, can access the current locations of the planets to provide a solution for your offspring and you are guaranteed to enjoy parenthood.

So in the event that you are still waiting for the great news of becoming a father and mother, after many years of marriage or waiting for the first news of pregnancy to predict their married life, then visit the famous astrologer Pandit ji in USA and Canada for powerful results.

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